Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Forgotten Anniversaries

Many apologies for run-on sentences -- After four years of wedded bliss seasoned with a great number of arguments and laughter, my husband and I am in San Diego for business/wedding anniversary. Yes -- we just realized that it's our fourth a day before.. I think our forgetfulness actually shows that we have a solid relationship. We've both forgotten that we were once single and that we decided one particular day to commit to each other!

After a horrendous night at Courtyard Marriott Rancho Bernardo, we are currently staying at Rancho Bernardo Inn. Please don’t misunderstand me – the staff was surprisingly courteous and helpful at the initially mentioned hotel. For the price, the morning buffet had quite an incredible choice from ripe berries, pancakes to even tofu, but unfortunately, the room was a contradiction to the freshness of food or the hospitality. I’ve never slept in such a dirty suite before – some unsanitary smell was coated with an overwhelming amount of baby powder. The bed linens were old – the color was no longer pure white, but stale yellow. The room was dark and a size of a quaint walk in closet. To make the idea of another night in the suite unbearable, the mattress springs creaked! How did they receive three and a half stars? Awarded only half a star more than the Courtyard, Rancho Bernardo Inn is worth much more so far. Yes, for a four-star resort hotel, the basic suite is small and the bathtub even smaller, but the Mediterranean styled hotel ground is beautiful – the night air infused with the scent of jasmine and other flowers was perfect for an evening walk. Though pricey, (a dinner for two will easily cost $100) in-room dining was appropriate for a four-star in California – neither extraordinary nor distasteful.

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